Skylanders Portal of Power Birthday Cake

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since my biggest baby reached the grand old age of 8.  The last 8 years have flown by and for the first time, I made his birthday cake myself.


Albeit, it won’t win any prizes; my boy was so pleased with it and he didn’t realise the Skylander on top was real…

It was surprisingly easy to make, I did forget to score lines into the side of the portal of power but I don’t think the effect is too bad.

Either way my boy loved it and if you like it, this is what I did (I’m afraid I’m lacking the photographs though as I was so engrossed I didn’t think about it!):

  1. Make your regular round cake, the way you normally would and fill it with strawberry jam and butter icing.
  2. Seal the cake with a very very thin layer of butter icing and leave to set… This will prevent your fondant icing ending up covered in crumbs.
  3. Roll out a circular shape in white fondant and place over the top.  You don’t need to be too precious as the sides of the portal are deeper at the top than the bottom.  I simply used the overhang to help with the deeper part.
  4. Grab your grey fondant and roll out strips thick enough to wrap around the side of the cake.
  5. Next, we need to create 8 shorter strips out of the grey fondant that are placed vertically around the cake at regular intervals.
  6. Finally, using green fondant, you need to create hieroglyphs for the 8 strips and a line of green around the base.

I hope you enjoy creating your Skylanders Portal of Power Birthday Cake as much as I did.

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