I dreamed a (small business) dream…

This post is sponsored but the musings are my own.  I would love to start my own small business in the future and I am sure it will all happen at some point.

I am a stay-at-home-Mum and proud of it.  However, just because I do stay at home and look after my children it doesn’t mean I don’t have aspirations and dreams.  In the past I have thought of starting up my own small business. I am now studying with The Open University in order to earn a History degree with the potential of getting there.  I am still unsure about my eventual path but I am thinking about possibly starting a genealogy research service.

I only have limited experience with starting up as a sole-trader or partnership.  I spent a time as a sole-trader for a large company some time ago.  It was successful to a point but with family commitments and time restraints it didn’t really work out.

A genealogy research service would be a totally different kettle of fish.  It wouldn’t require a lot for the initial outlay as it would be focussing on online and archive research but how would I adapt as the number of clients grows?  Would I actually need financial training?

With an online business, bricks and mortar premises provide a base from which to work but the essential ingredient is IT management.  Initially, my little laptop will be adequate, but what about later on down the line?  Well, with my immense forward thinking skills I have already been researching the possibilities for all my small business IT needs including a way to keep all my data safe should something disastrous happen, along with general business finance software.  Over the course of my searching, I have found many companies who could all offer me what I need.  They offer all sorts ofIT management and business solutions to small or large businesses, as well as charities, and they could be just what I am looking for.

When starting a small business it is easy to forget that, as well as providing your advertised service, you need to put in just as much time behind the scenes to keep the business running smoothly.  Keeping this in mind from the beginning will only benefit you in the long run.

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