The end of one and the beginning of something new…

I am now wrapping up the end-of-module-assessment for AA100.  The EMA is based around places of leisure and I am now desperate to get it over with, more so because I’m already two weeks behind with my study for A151.

This past week I have had two tutorials, one for AA100 and the other for A151.  I was a little sad after my final AA100 tutorial.  It felt like the end of a phase of my life.  I’ve enjoyed the course and enjoyed the tutorials.  My tutor has been amazing and I hope I come across her again throughout the course of my studies.

The tutorial group itself has been a mixed bag; at the start there were a few people I thought it best to avoid but they actually grew on me.  Then there were others who were more ‘my type’ so to speak.  However, in all honesty, great things came out of the tutorials and I enjoyed them all immensely.  I’m hoping to finish my EMA tomorrow, and submit it so I can crack on with A151 on Tuesday.

My new course is A151, Making Sense of things – an introduction to material culture.  I can’t wait to start something new.  This course is unnecessary for my degree points, but I’m going to be using it as a stepping stone to level 2.  It is as close to level 2 that I’m going to get without the end resulting affecting my class of degree at the end.

The tutorial yesterday was great, four and a half hours is a long time when you struggle to concentrate after 30 minutes but I came home feeling so much more positive and I am happy with my decision to study A151.

So, onwards and upwards and I am looking forward to signing up for the October intake of A200!

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