50 things – Kites, mud, snails, trees and farms

This weekend has been fab!  Not only because my BFF, Sim and her (not-so) little one, visited over the weekend, but because the National Trust’s 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ campaign launched (and a fabulous launch it was too)!

Tredegar House was this week’s place of the week.  It was a great day and there were plenty of #50things activities laid on for us to enjoy.

Throughout the course of the day, we completed 6 of our 50 things…


#7 – Fly a kite

We signed up to fly a kite and we had one very nervous Mammy on our hands… I had never successfully flown a kite alone, let alone trying to help someone else fly a blinking kite!  That being said, we successfully managed to get the kites in the air.  I found I was running between Boyo and Princess Pants because as one was up the other came down.  Then National Trust Wales’ very own Rhys stopped by and spent some time helping PP while I concentrated on Boyo.  I was more grateful than I could express!

#13 – Make a mud pie

I encourage playing with mud so when I found out that there was an area dedicated to making mud pies, I dragged the children over kicking and screaming.  Boyo chose to head to the sand rather than the mud but Princess Pants was straight in the mud.  Rather than a mud pie, she chose to make a mud ball.

#17 – Set up a snail race

Next to the mud, there were several racing snails… This didn’t enthral the littlies as much as the other activities but it was fun to watch the snails and the biggest one won!

#22 – Explore inside a tree

You will have already seen Boyo and Princess Pants exploring the tree in the National Trust 50 things video at Tredegar House, but they enjoyed it so much then that it was a must this time around.

#23 – Visit a farm

Ok, so it wasn’t a really big farm, but the children enjoyed seeing the goat, the cow and the pony.  There was even a week old foal with her mummy.

#30 – Hold a scary beast

One of the other highlights of the day for me was Boyo getting over one of his fears.  He dislikes snakes, lizards and the like immensely, but he overcame this to complete this 50 things challenge.  I was so proud of him because I know he doesn’t like them.  Princess Pants, well, she isn’t afraid of anything so it was no big deal.

I cannot wait to continue our 50 things journey… we are heading to Stackpole over the weekend and hope to complete a few more!

Don’t forget, you can see our list of 50 things here, and you can link up your 50 things posts on the 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ link up.

5 comments on 50 things – Kites, mud, snails, trees and farms

  1. @coombemill
    May 7, 2013 at 11:06 pm (3 years ago)

    I am a big fan of the 50 things initiative. All things we did as second nature as children but which the next generation could so easily miss out on. Good to see your 6 things ticked off in one day, looks like it was all the fun you hoped. Thank you for linking up to Country Kids.


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