We’re over-run with technology…

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I’m not sure how much technology we have in this house at the moment but I do know it would tot up to a rather large sum if we added it all up.

Currently, I can remember that we have:

  • 3 laptops
  • 2 mobile phones – an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy Pro
  • 1 Nintendo Wii
  • 1 Sega Mega Drive (okay, so it’s not worth much in monetary value but we love it)
  • 1 XBox 360
  • 2 televisions
  • 2 DVD players

But our latest addition is a second iPad.  An iPad 3 to be exact and it was bought to replace a first gen one.. And I love it, it’s far better than my old one, and I think I owe hubby-to-be a fair few somethings to show my gratitude.

However, do we actually need all this technology? When I upgrade my mobile phone, I generally pass my old one onto a family member (mum already has her eye on my iPhone, she doesn’t realise that she has another 12 months to wait) but the other things just tend to get cast aside, thrown in a draw and forgotten about…  I’ve actually been debating whether its going to be worth our while selling Apple technology, you know, the old iPhone or the original iPad.

On the flip side, I know how highly the littlies rate the iPad… In fact we get squabbles over it… This generally results in one or the other forfeiting the iPad and settling on the iPhone.  (And to think I thought tablets were medication just a few short years ago?)

There is also the option of keeping the original iPad as the children’s tablet?  What do you think?  Donate it to the littlies, or sell it for some cold, hard cash?

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