#WeddingWednesday – 6 months tomorrow…..

6 calendar months tomorrow we will be tying the knot, getting wed, walking down the aisle, securing the ball and chain.  Whichever way you want to think of it, it’s fast approaching.  Since I last posted about the wedding things have steamed ahead and are now lulling again (mainly because I cannot be bothered for a number of reasons at the moment!).

I am really excited if I am honest, things seem to be coming together.  The only trouble may be the 9” I have to lose off my stomach in order to fit into my dress…. Eeekk…. I think it is time for some serious sit up action.  😉

So, where exactly are we on the wedding planning timeline?

  • The guest list is finalised and the invites are made, printed and ready to be posted/given out.  Some have already been.
  • The cake has been ordered, although I’m still attempting to decide on the design I want.
  • The venues have been finalised and deposits have been paid.
  • We have met with the Vicar, decided on the four hymns we want.  They are lovely hymns… and the plan for the service is in my head.
  • Princess Pants’ bridesmaid dress is hung up in my Mother’s wardrobe.
  • My wedding dress is covered and hung up in Boyo’s wardrobe.
  • The rings have been ordered and the deposit is paid… I’m hoping to drop a ring size or two before they order it.
  • Hubby-to-be has been measured up for his suit and, as we first thought, it will need to be made specifically for him.
  • I have created half of the Order of Service booklets, and designed and started some of the favour boxes.

So, theoretically, things are coming along.  Now we just have to finish paying for everything.  Hmmmmm….

Next week, I’ll be back with a more meaningful wedding post than a list… But tonight, I’m just a little bit tired…

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