Daughters with style!

Princess Pants is a real girly girl, and sometimes it’s hard keeping up with her latest fashionista ideals. She may only be three years old but she already has more style than her Mummy.  In fact, she makes her Mummy look positively masculine.  (I’m not though, honestly.)  Her favourite pastime is trying on clip on earrings, brushing her hair and adorning herself with pretty jewellery and painting her nails.

With my daughter blossoming into a little clothes horse and jewellery magpie, I know it’s only a matter of time before I’m hunting down designer clothing for girls… I have never thought about designer clothes before, and I’m not really much of a clothes person; as long as I am comfortable I am happy.  Princess Pants, though, is going to be a completely different kettle of fish.  Her wardrobe is filled with pretty, girly, flowery and pink clothes; and finding clothes that she likes is not really that much of a challenge. If an item of clothing looks pretty (and girly) she is happy with it.  Her latest favourite outfit is a pretty floral dress, teamed with a pretty hooded jacket.  She wore it to a birthday party on Sunday and insisted on walking around showing it to everyone.  She asked if they thought she looked pretty, which of course she did ( and she topped this off by applying her own lipstick – the results were rather hysterical).

In all scenarios, she will be the pretty girly girl that will be found admiring the array of beautiful clothes in various stores and having with a walk-in wardrobe in her bedroom jam packed with designer clothes and row upon row of beautiful shoes.  I will be sat on the side lines admiring her full wardrobe of clothes and wishing I had half of her style.

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