Hubby-to-be’s early birthday present…

2608_68434261179_8188461_nFor months hubby-to-be has had an agenda, a priority that he would bring up from time to time and catch me off guard.  There always seemed to be a “bargain” to be had every time he browsed eBay.

Now, before I met him, he changed his cars like I change my undies.  He’d buy a cheap banger, do it up (or break it, depending on how bad it was) and sell it on a few months later.  He’d also pay over the odds for something he really wanted.  In 2007, he paid £1500 for an Mk3 Astra GSi.  He then went on to spend a small fortune in repairs and aesthetics.  He modified the windscreen wipers, fitted heated leather seats from a Vauxhall Calibra, purchased a vented bonnet from a phase 1 Mk3 GSi and who knows what else.  It wasn’t a practical family car and we sold it in 2011, for a measly £800.  It broke his heart, worse still we see it frequently because we sold it to a lad (with no responsibilities) around the corner from us.

Hubby-to-be’s adventures with cars hasn’t always seen such a huge loss. In 2008, we bought a 1998 Vectra Estate for £400.  We then went on an stripped down a broken Vectra CDX and our humble LS ended up with heated leather seats, a more executive looking dash and various other gadgets hubby-to-be deemed necessary. We sold it in 2010 for almost £700.

For the last 15 months our second car has been a 2001 Fiat Punto.  He has hated it (he is 6’10” though so ill let him off) and has been constantly looking out for something a little larger.  On Wednesday, I gave him an early birthday present, a 1998 Vauxhall Vectra.  He is in his element, it’s a car he can play with again.  And the best part? It cost us the same as 2 weeks worth of groceries.    And do you know what? He’s happy.

However, the journey home was… Eventful.  We passed the same bus stop several times and after we pulled along side each other to discuss our way home, the window fell of the runner as he was winding it up… It could only happen to us.  Luckily, it’s an easy enough fix.

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