AA100 TMA05 – A significant improvement

It’s been a while since my last Open University post…. I’m still making steady progress with my course, and I’m still enjoying it.  At the moment, though, time management is still proving to be a huge problem for me. Hubby-to-be’s shifts are playing havoc with my study routine. I can’t seem to knuckle down and study during his days off… He’s just so distracting.  (And I don’t mean that in a horrible way, just that his days off feel few and far between.)

I’m now 9 weeks and 3 assignments away from completing this module and with it completing the compulsory 120 points at Level 1. However, I’m going to be studying an additional, and optional, 30 point module at level 1, which starts in around 6 weeks.  Eeek…

As it stands with AA100, I have completed Book 1 (Reputations) and Book 2 (Tradition and Dissent) and am now in the middle of Book 3 (Cultural Encounters). This weeks work has started with a discussion of Greek Medicine and the four humours… It’s already a fascinating topic but I need to get my head down and crack on with it.  I have a full week of studying next week and an assignment due the following week.  The OU really couldn’t have timed it better if they had tried, what with the littlies Easter break.

2 weeks ago I submitted TMA05.  The subject for the assignment was The Art of Benin, cultural encounters and the economic, aesthetic, spiritual and symbolic value of the art.  As fascinating as it was, I found it very difficult, however I received a grade of 80 for the piece.  (80 is equivalent to a distinction.). While I am very proud of the fact that I achieved such a good grade (in my book), I am also disappointed because its not the area I want to specialise in.  I’m going into this degree to study medieval to modern(ish) history in the UK…  And the assignment most closely related to that I achieved my lowest grade. I haven’t changed my path because I know what I want to do… And I will work damn hard to get there…

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