#WeddingWednesday – The Wedding Suits

051According to the lovely widget in my sidebar we have 227 days until our wedding, which is around 7.5 months, and in the grand scheme of things it isn’t that far away.  We’ve yet to go look for our wedding rings because we are just lacking the money to put a deposit down but I have started making arrangements for wedding suits and stuff.

A few weeks ago, I touched base will a local(ish) suit hire company, Dyfed Menswear, for a brochure.  I must say I was rather impressed with the men in it.  The morning it arrived, I spent plenty of time taking photos of the men suits to send to Sim.

As the brochure didn’t offer any information towards the sizes they have their suits in, I gave them a call.  We have to hire five wedding suits for five completely differently shaped males:  a tiny 8 year old, a 6ft 10 groom, a 5ft 7 best man, a 6ft middle-aged Father of the Bride and a 6ft 4 beanpost Brother of the Bride.  Rather specific requirements and very different.

The assistant who took my call was fabulous; she took the relevant details and told me she would phone me back as soon as she knew the measurements of the suits!  She did, and it turns out they will have to custom make the groom’s attire, so we need to visit asap in order to do this.  So, hopefully on Hubby-to-be’s day off next week we are taking a trip to Dyfed Menswear in an attempt to get him measured up before the rest of the party nip in.

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