New Year, New Routine

January has to be the worst month of the year for us.  We never have any money in the first 2 weeks of January; Christmas is over and normal life struggles to resume.  This week I’ve found particularly hard with Boyo and Princess Pants because the weather has been miserable (You know that sticky horrible really wet rain… the rain that makes you feel like you need a bath?  Yeah, that one!).

The next issue I have to deal with is that Boyo is back to school on Monday and Princess Pants actually starts Nursery.  I’m struggling because I love the school holidays, I love spending time with them and finding new places to visit.  When term starts up again I struggle to get back into the swing of things.
Boyo is settled and happy in school, and I’m happy that he’s happy.  Princess Pants has yet to start properly, although I am sure she will settle in very quickly.

The final hurdle in January will be two weeks today, when Hubby-to-be finishes his current job.  He currently works 9-5 for a government agency as a security guard.  He switches companies for a little extra money, but he will be working 12 hour shifts, nights and days.  While I am looking forward to having the bed all to myself when he works nights, I know that it’s going to be a huge change in our routine and it could affect the children’s behaviour patterns.  Not to mention the fact that I’ll be missing Sim’s birthday celebrations because of the change in job.

Still, I suppose everything could still be worse, ay?  We will settle back in our old routine on Monday until our new routine starts, and we will all get used to Hubby-to-be’s new shift patterns.

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